methyl group

methyl group
grupa metylowa

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  • Methyl group — See also: Methylation A methyl group In chemistry, a methyl group is a type of alkyl group with the formula CH3. It is often abbreviated Me. Such hydrocarbon groups occur in many organic compounds. The methyl group can be found in th …   Wikipedia

  • methyl group — noun the univalent radical CH3 derived from methane • Syn: ↑methyl, ↑methyl radical • Hypernyms: ↑alkyl, ↑alkyl group, ↑alkyl radical • Hyponyms: ↑aminomethane, ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • methyl group — Chem. the univalent group CH3 , derived from methane. Also called methyl radical. * * * ▪ chemistry       one of the commonest structural units of organic compounds, consisting of three hydrogen atoms bonded to a carbon atom, which is linked to… …   Universalium

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  • methyl- — (= CH3) Specific reference to the methyl group is made when macromolecules are modified after synthesis by enzymic addition of methyl groups. The group is transferred to nucleic acids and proteins. See also methyl transferase and DNA methylation …   Dictionary of molecular biology

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  • methyl — methylic /me thil ik, meuh /, adj. /meth euhl/, adj. Chem. containing the methyl group. [1835 45; by back formation from METHYLENE] * * * …   Universalium

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